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Why drink more water?

Keep hydrated

Drinking enough is important for your body. To prevent dehydration, you should drink about 2 liters every day. Preferably water. The best drink is just plain water. Healthier, cheaper and more sustainable than other drinks.

Losing weight

Water is the best choice. Water gives a feeling of fullness, which reduces the need for food. Also there is nothing in water that will harm your teeth. Sparkling water contains a little carbon dioxide, but not enough to harm your teeth.

Be healthy

Count on 1.5 to 2 liters per day. That's about 8 glasses a day. Exactly how much you need depends on how active you are and your body. If you sweat a lot, for example when exercising or in hot weather, 2 liters may not always enough.

Easily keep track

Easily keep track of the water you drink per day. Get insight in which days you met your goal and on which days you didn't met your goal. This way you can easily identify trends and act upon them to improve your daily water intake.


Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Newbits (creator of the Drink More Water app), it's also one of our core values. We have no trackers, we have no ads and we aren't interested in your data. We value your privacy.

It's free

This is application is completely free (and always will be) because we want people to be more healthy by drinking more water. There is a trend going on around the world where people are drinking more and more soda drinks.

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